UNO Collaboration Meeting (UNO04-Keystone)
Unification Day Workshop

Keystone Resorts & Conference Center, Keystone, Colorado
Oct. 14-16, 2004

The next UNO International Collaboration Meeting will be held at Keystone Resorts & Conference Center, Keystone, Colorado. This meeting will include one-day workshop dedicated to Proton Decays in Unification Theories on Oct. 15 and a tour of the Henderson mine on Oct. 16. The workshop, which is co-organized by Edward Witten (IAS) and Chang Kee Jung (Stony Brook), is open to non-UNO collaborators to participate. The Workshop is sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research of State University of New York at Stony Brook and the U.S. Department of Energy.

While it is commonly recognized as one of the most important discoveries to be made, proton decay is often lost in a crack in usual conference and workshop programs. So, this workshop is organized such that there can be an one-day of concentrated discussion on the role of proton decay in all types of unification theories beyond the traditional GUT models.

On Thursday Oct. 14 afternoon, we plan to have several experimental talks on proton decay searches, which some of the theorists attending the Unification day workshop may find interesting.

The confirmed speakers include: All partcipants are urged to register using the online registration form, and make their own lodging revervations as soon as possible (nominal deadline: Aug. 29). The space for the Henderson mine tour is very limitted. The tour will be offered to only those registered beforehand.

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