Transparencies for
UNO Collaboration Meeting in Aussois, France

UNO Collaboration Meeting Program(pdf)

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

08:30-09:00   Registration

UNO EOI and R&D Proposal Session (UNO Collaborators Only)

Chair: C.K Jung
09:00-09:30   Status of the UNO EOI and R&D Proposal       W. Toki
09:30-10:30   Discussion, Future Plan and Strategy       all
10:30-10:45   Coffee Break

UNO General Meeting Session (Open to all NNN05 Participants)

Chair: W. Toki
10:45-10:50   Welcome and Introduction       C.K. Jung
10:50-11:10   UNO Update       C.K. Jung
11:10-11:45   Tau Neutrino Appearance Search in the Atmospheric Neutrinos       T. Kato
11:45-12:20   Update on Proton decay searches at Super-Kamiokandeand study on possible improvements       K. Kobayashi

12:20-14:00   Lunch

Chair: B. Wilson
14:00-14:35   Detailed Presentation of the Observation of the Supernova Neutrinos with Next Generation Large Water Cherenkov Detectors       M. Nakahata
14:35-15:10   Detailed Presentation of the BNL VLBNO Experimentpan>       M. Bishai
15:10-15:45   Detailed Presentation of the νe Appearance Background Study for the BNL VLBNO Experiment Proposal       C. Yanagisawa

15:45-16:00   Coffee Break

Chair: K. Nakamura
16:00-16:30   Henderson DUSEL Proposal       B. Wilson
16:30-17:00   Very Large Cavity Excavation       Pedro Varona (Itaska)
17:00-17:20   Update on Water Containment/Cavity Treatment R&D       B. Wilson
17:20-17:50   Next Generation Large Area Low Cost PMT       Richard Leclercq (Burle)
17:50-18:10   Status of the UNO Software and R&D       C. McGrew
18:10             Next meetings:
                      1) Video Conference
                      2) Collaboration Meeting: October 2005?, where?
                      3) NNN07

18:30             Meeting Adjourns