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These documents on Collaboration wide topics are available:
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us-b280-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2002-v1 US-T2K Apartments maps / 2016 Jeff Wilkes US-B280
28 Apr 2016
1975-v1 nuPRISM DPF Practice Kendall Mahn US-B280
28 Jul 2015
1949-v1 APS LV Practice Talk Alex Clifton US-B280
07 Apr 2015
1855-v1 Antinue events vs. All Backgrounds in Pt-vs-Pl Space Chiaki Yanagisawa US-B280
30 Jul 2014
1845-v1 Antinue events vs. All Backgrounds in Pt-vs-Pl Space Chiaki Yanagisawa US-B280
02 Jul 2014
1842-v1 A Search for Lorentz and CPT Violation using T2K: Update Alex Clifton US-B280
24 Jun 2014
1753-v1 A Search for Lorentz and CPT Violation Using T2K: Update Alex Clifton US-B280
17 Dec 2013
1709-v1 minerva nufact13 talks Steve Manly US-B280
27 Aug 2013
1702-v1 Energy Scale - Study Joshua Hignight et al. US-B280
15 Aug 2013
1657-v1 Neural Network ROOT Jose Palomino P0D
30 May 2013
1655-v1 Probing Lorentz and CPT Violation in the Neutrino Sector of the Standard Model Extension Using T2K Alex Clifton US-B280
30 Apr 2013
1650-v1 Oa Work Joshua Hignight US-B280
15 Apr 2013
1591-v1 CSU Future Sensitivity Report Matthew Bass et al. US-B280
15 Jan 2013
1547-v2 Selection of Charged Current numu Events in the Near Detector of the T2K Neutrino Oscillation Experiment Alex Clifton US-B280
23 Oct 2012
1436-v1 Report from Lorentz Violation Summer School Walter Toki US-B280
19 Jun 2012
1276-v1 P0D Upgrade Discussion Walter Toki US-B280
06 Sep 2011
1199-v1 Global tracks time structure in a bunch Erez Reinherz-Aronis P0D Software and Analysis
05 Jul 2011
1122-v1 April APS Talk: Joshua Hignight Joshua Hignight P0D
26 Apr 2011
994-v1 PiZero Analysis Task List Fahmida Khanam US-B280
18 Jan 2011
746-v1 SMRD reconstruction efficiency Thomas Kutter SMRD
11 May 2010
734-v2 PID Overview Kevin Connolly US-B280
03 May 2010
664-v1 Initial Look at Nue Appearance James E Imber US-B280
23 Feb 2010
530-v1 Estimating the Precision on sin^2(2theta_13) measurements Walter Toki US-B280
11 Aug 2009
501-v1 hadron fsi Steve Dytman US-B280
23 Jun 2009
319-v1 Almond Fish & Roasted Cheese Kevin McFarland US-B280
15 Oct 2008
227-v0 Executive Committee Activities Chang Kee Jung US-B280
24 Jun 2008
225-v1 P0Dule dimensions-June 17, 2008 Walter Toki US-B280
P0Dule Assembly and Misc Components
17 Jun 2008
107-v0 Executive Committee Activities, Funding Update Chang Kee Jung US-B280
11 Dec 2007
111-v0 ND280 Convenors/Technical Board Meeting Report Chiaki Yanagisawa US-B280
11 Dec 2007
99-v1 GPS system progress report 11/13/07 - Jeff Wilkes Jeff Wilkes US-B280
13 Nov 2007
96-v1 SMRD status overview Thomas Kutter SMRD
13 Nov 2007
93-v1 TFB electronics workshop Istvan Danko Trip-t Electronics
13 Nov 2007
29-v1 Status of BNL correctors Peter Wander US-B280
02 Aug 2007
8-v1 Proposal for Participation in the T2K Long-baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment US-B280 Collaboration Trip-t Electronics
17 Jun 2007
2-v1 NuSAG Presentation: US Participation in the T2K Beamline and 280m Near Detector Chang Kee Jung US-B280
14 Jun 2007

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