Phy672: Stony Brook Particle Physics Seminar
- Dept. of Physics and Astronomy -
- Stony Brook University -

Fall 2014

Regular seminar location: Physics D-122

Seminar Organizer: Michael Wilking






Thu, Oct 2

1:30 pm

Measurement of the Parity Violating Asymmetry in Elastic Electron Scattering off Lead-208

Jon Wexler

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Thu, Oct 23

1:30 pm

Searching for neutrinoless double-beta decay with NEMO-3 and commissioning the SuperNEMO tracker

Cristovao Vilela

University College London

Mon, Oct 27

12:50 pm

Recent Diboson Measurements from the ATLAS Experiment

Brian Lindquist

Stony Brook University

Fri, Oct 31

12:50 pm

First Measurement of Electroweak Vector Boson Scattering and Potential for New Physics Discovery at ATLAS

Jessica Metcalfe

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Fri, Nov 21

1:30 pm

The Future of the Sterile Neutrino

Joshua Spitz

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fri, Dec 5

1:30 pm

Recent searches for hidden supersymmetry and preparations for 13 TeV at CMS

James Hirschauer